Institutional foundations and policies for urbanisation

China is a country characterised by a large population and limited land available to sustain it. This fact has determined China's intensive urbanisation. This work package focuses on the broad, national patterns of urbanisation.

This first work package will look at three topics:

  • patterns of urbanisation in China for the next decade to 2050: big cities and/or small and medium size cities
  • central/local authority relationships and the institutional process of the city creation
  • urbanisation and changes in the sectoral structure of economic development: the scale of the manufacturing sector in Chinese cities and the shift towards service industry

Territorial expansion and accomodating a greater population

The goal of this work package is to bring out the transformation of cities themselves; their shape, their demographic, and how these are influenced by the new socio-economic climate.

This work package will look at four topics:

  • land – law and acquisition process
  • population migration and the hukou system
  • housing the urban population
  • evolution of towns and cities

Infrastructure and services for sustainable urbanisation: trends and policy support mechanisms

This work package will be focusing on the dimension of sustainability of current and future trends in terms of infrastructure and service requirements for energy, transport, water and health, and their impact on the environment, health and quality of life.

This work package will look at three topics:

  • policy frameworks for sustainable urbanisation: including the overarching theme of China’s scientific development and the growing focus on low-carbon cities
  • infrastructure and services: energy (with a focus on transport and housing), water and health (both as impact category and as sector)
  • mechanisms that support policy-making in the field of infrastructure and services and the understanding of future requirements: including indicators, paradigm shifts and scenario building

Urban communities and social sustainability

Increased urbanisation has greatly affected the Chinese, both in cities and outside. This work package studies the impact of urbanisation on public spaces and the dialogue between citizens and authorities on urban planning.

This work package will look at four topics:

  • urban planning
  • planning and its mediation
  • local governance
  • incorporation into cities of villages