The UrbaChina team created a collection of working papers, derived from project deliverables, in November 2013, when they published their first paper by Miguel Elosua, François Gipouloux, Sébastien Goulard, Li Shantong and Ni Pengfei, entitled: Urbanisation in China: The impact of the tax-sharing system and the definitions of new strategies. This paper "examines the evolution of Chinese cities and the challenges they are currently facing."

The collection is hosted on HAL (Hyper Article en Ligne), an international and multidisciplinary open access archive, which provides free access to research articles and publications. It will collect several papers focusing on the main themes of the project: institutional foundations of urbanisation, territorial expansion of Chinese cities, urban communities, and urban sustainability. So far two other papers have already been published and an other will be published in October 2014.




List of working papers

  • Working paper no.1: Elosua, M., Gipouloux, F., Goulard, S., Li, S. and Ni, P. (2013) Urbanisation in China: The impact of the tax-sharing system and the definitions of new strategies. UrbaChina working paper no.1 November 2013
  • Working paper no.2: Daniels, P., & Ni, P. (2014). Urbanisation and changes in the sectoral structure of economic development: the scale of the manufacturing sector in Chinese cities and the shift towards service industry. UrbaChina working paper no.2 February 2014
  • Working paper no.3: Du,D., & Huang, L. (2014). Urbanisation in China: regional development and co-operation among cities. UrbaChina working paper no.3 July 2014