The Stakeholder Committee provides an open forum for discussion and encourages dialogue among key stakeholders who represent organisations, interest groups and agencies. The SC does not have decision-making authority, but serves as a mechanism for on-going consultation between the project partners and the public.

The UrbaChina Stakeholder Committee held a plenary session at the 3rd UrbaChina International Conference in Kunming, May 2013.

The UrbaChina Stakeholder Committee members are the following:

Mr. BAGNASCO Massimo (EUCC),  
Chairman of the Construction Working Group in the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCC).This group aims to promoting sustainable urbanization in China, actively supporting the implementation of the EU-China Partnership on this topic. 



Prof. MENG Jianjun (Tsinghua University) is a Research Fellow at the Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance in the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), and a Research Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (Tokyo, METI of Japan). Since 2011, he is also a Research Fellow, CNRS-EHESS (Paris, France). He is a specialist in Development Economics, Institute Economics, and Chinese Economy, Sino-Japan Economy and East Asia Economy Research. Recently, his research focuses on industrial and regional development in China and Japan, the China urbanisation process and the Sino-Japan environmental network.


Prof. YUAN Zhigang (Fudan University) professor and dean of the School of Economics. He also serves as the Vice President of Shanghai Economist Society, the Director of Employment and Social Protection Research Center, the Director of Theoretical Economics Postdoctoral Fellowships Program in Fudan University, and the Visiting Professor in Durham University School of Business.



Mr. YVETOT Bernard (France Telecom) is currently vice-president international strategy Orange Group Strategy & development division; has held previously several positions in the French Ministry of Economy and Finance in Paris and abroad.