URBACHINA has the support and expertise of a Scientific Advisory Committee, whose main contribution to the project is:

•    to monitor the progress of the implementation of the work plan, assess the scientific value of the project’s achievements and their innovative contents with respect to the international state of the art, and suggest, as appropriate, re-orientations of specific tasks and methodologies; 
•    to contribute to the establishment of a network of specialists with the twofold objective of
(i)    ensuring the scientific debate on the main issues developed within URBACHINA, and
(ii)   ensuring that the advances achieved by URBACHINA are widely and promptly disseminated within the scientific world.

The UrbaChina Scientific Advisory Committee met formally in May 2012 during the 2nd UrbaChina conference held in Rome.

The UrbaChina Scientific Advisory Committee includes the following experts:

  • Dr. Michel PROUZET (Ghelber et Gourdon) (president of the Scientfic Advisory Committe), Attorney at law, is a member of the Paris Bar Association and member of the International Bar Association (London), within which he serves as member of the “Real Estate Law Committee” and member of the "Environment, Health and Safety Law Committee";
  • Prof. Dwight PERKINS (Harvard University), Harold Hitchings Burbank Research Professor of Political Economy of Harvard University;
  • Mr. Karl HALLDING (Stockholm Environment Institute), Head of SEI China Cluster Centre ; has extensive experience from international co-operation with China on environment and sustainable development since the mid-1980s;
  • Prof. SHEN Jianfa (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Professor and Head of Graduate Division in the Department of Geography and Resource Management of the CUHK;
  • Prof. Jacques VERON (the French National Institute for Demographic Studies), demographer and research director at INED. He has also served as the Institute's deputy director and head of international relations. He studies population and sustainable development.